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Loan Process 09 August 2018

Why To Talk To a Loan Officer Before House Shopping

Shopping for a home without consulting a loan officer is like going shopping without knowing what’s in your wallet. Here are some of our reasons you should involve a loan officer from beginning, to end.

Your loan officer will help you set realistic expectations as to what you can afford. Nothing stings more than falling in love with a home only to find out it is out of your budget, so ask them what you can handle financially.

Another reason to involve your loan officer is to get pre-approval. Being pre-approved for a loan will work in your favor when you find an affordable home that you love and are ready to make an offer on. Your loan officer can help you to be preapproved so that a seller takes you seriously when you’re ready to buy. Lastly, they can also inform you in advance of most all of the costs that will be associated with buying your home. This will prevent you from running into any hidden fees.

Call your loan officer today if you want to begin searching for a new home!