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First Time Homebuyer 15 August 2018

How To Prepare To Buy A Home

Buying a home is a major milestone in life, and when it comes to getting ready to buy you likely want to feel as prepared as possible. There are a few steps that are helpful for making that happen, and we’re discussing them to give you some peace of mind.

Most importantly, find a team that you trust. This step cannot be emphasized enough, as a realtor and loan officer can get you the best deal under all circumstances, while also being extremely familiar with the market. Secondly, you should always be in touch with your credit score. Keep any debt off if possible, as it only gets more difficult the longer it stays with you.

You should contemplate with your realtor what can be negotiated once you’ve found a home that you love. While you don’t want to show up to the seller everyday with a new request, you can sit down with your realtor early on to figure out what can be up for dispute. Finally, shop around and be willing to walk away if something is unreasonable, or if the seller isn’t willing to negotiate price. There are a plethora of great listings on the market, so don’t feel dismayed that you won’t find another home you love.


Good luck and happy hunting!