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Reverse Mortgage 09 April 2018

Fixed Income?

Did you know that… With a reverse mortgage, there are minimal income and credit requirements? Reverse mortgages are primarily based on the borrowers’ age, value of the home and current interest rates. That means income…

Reverse Mortgage 05 April 2018

Reverse Mortgage Repayment Options

There may be a time when the reverse mortgage is no longer necessary. Below are some scenarios and how they apply to a reverse mortgage. Borrowers want to sell: Property is sold Reverse mortgage loan…

Reverse Mortgage 21 March 2018

Reverse Mortgage Proceed Options

Tenure: The same monthly payments over the life of the loan Modified Tenure: Combines a line of credit along with monthly payments for the duration that at least one borrower lives in the home Term:…

Reverse Mortgage 16 March 2018

Reverse Mortgage Prequalification

What does a prequalification require? Borrower(s) names Date of birth for all borrower(s) Property address Purchase price Amount of funds borrower has available to bring to closing   Once the offer has been accepted, we…

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